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There is also a more personal element to my fascination. Boarding schools struck me as impossibly glamorous when I was young, the denizens of such places worldly in a way that I could never be.

My own youth in Mobile, Alabama was plenty privileged, plenty sheltered, but even now, when I meet someone who went to boarding school, I instantly feel like a rube. I wanted, quite simply, to write a Virginia book. I grew up in Alabama but I went to college in Virginia and I earned my MFA in Virginia and I taught for a year at Hollins University in Roanoke, big, essential, life-shaping years for me, and I wanted to write a book that investigated and did justice to my experience. Given the nature of that experience, I figured this book should probably be an academic comedy, something along the lines of Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis, but the pages that emerged in the early going were at best mildly amusing and mostly without substance.

I still hoped the book would feature elements of academic comedy but the stakes were instantly raised, the ordinary dramas of the young characters taking on new weight. The way this change altered my perceptions of the adult characters was particularly surprising.

It seemed to me, suddenly, that the teachers and coaches and administrators at my fictional Briarwood School for Girls had a greater depth of responsibility for their charges and the failure to live up to those responsibilities risked more significant consequences for everyone involved. The very elements that draw certain readers to the boarding school novel—the messy friendships, the class rivalries, the bungling faculty, the youthful rebellions, the coming-of-age and self-discovery narratives, even the timeworn appeal of boarding schools themselves, their rituals and customs, their mossy bricks and shady trees—elements that enrich the tradition in so many ways, are so familiar that they can feel cozy and no writer that I know wants to write a cozy novel.

By focusing on characters peripheral to Astra Dell—students and teachers and parents drift in and out of her hospital room, each burdened, like all of us, by personal desires and concerns—and by rendering their lives in brief, shimmery flashes from a host of different points of view, Schutt produces a novel closer to collage than conventional narrative but no less potent for her daring.

We even have a plagiarism case, hardly exotic to the genre.

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A final confession: The pitfalls of writing a boarding school novel are really the same pitfalls of writing any novel at all. That sentence is not a joke. The point is that writers are always working in the shadow of literary precedent.

Full text of "Millsaps College Purple and White, "

Love stories, war stories. The two coaches were the inspiration for The Might Pawns, which was the name of Shutt's team at Douglass. Last month, three students from Douglass told the Inquirer that Shutt sexually molested boys aged 11 to 13 in his home in the s. One, now year-old Eric Rogers, said he was 12 when Shutt invited about six boys around the same age to his home and put on two adult movies in his bedroom, Debbie Does Dallas and The Pink Lagoon.

Shutt and his fellow chess coach at a nearby school were the inspiration for The Mighty Pawns, a film about a chess coach who turns struggling inner-city kids' lives around. Rogers said that he watched Shutt perform what appeared to be oral sex on several of boys. He said Schutt then watched him shower but did not touch him.

Shutt denied Roger's claim, calling it a 'delinquent fantasy' and attempt to 'entrap' him.

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The Inquirer found two other former students who offered similar accounts to Rogers but did not want to be named. The new report deals with Shutt's tenure at the high school, Masterman.

Correspondence with Christine Schutt

It includes the account of one man, now 41, who says that Shutt had 'chosen' him to share a hotel room bed during out-of-town chess tournaments in the late 90s and early s. How did I get chosen? He said that he intentionally tanked his grades so as not be allowed back to Masterman, an elite public school with entry requirements. The new report included interviews with 11 former Masterman students, most of whom were not identified.

Ten of them recalled times when Shutt would be naked or partially naked around them in the shower areas of hotel rooms or sports clubs. Richard Woolf, 60, said he met Shutt in the early s. He said Shutt gave him alcohol, played a pornographic film, began masturbating, then took a back scratcher and rubbed it on Woolf's pants.

He said Shutt asked him to take his pants off but he refused. The Philadelphia Police Department has launched an investigation into the claims.


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