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It can be done, but requires excellent eyesight.

Create Your Own Free Talking E-cards

We use a big magnifying lamp when working with these sorts of components. The list of suggested items not to bend or hack is shorter: beepers i. By beepers we mean devices that emit a simple tone, beep, or buzz that is going to be a little boring to use—like some Disney keyboards that only have four or so big buttons and either just go beeb, boop, bup or play simple beeping or chiming melodies.

They are far from ideal, but they are bendable, and can be useful for learning the basics. They can also have their boring guts dismantled and their shells used to re-house new devices; and they can sometimes provide new, better, more aesthetically pleasing interfaces for other bent devices.

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Electronic games are usually difficult to work with. You want a device that you can spark up and have it emit a tone or cool non-LCD-based video image while both your hands are free to explore the circuit board. Games often demand too much attention, which gets in the way.

  1. Create Your Own Free Talking E-cards.
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Toxic devices like smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, are a bad idea. They are super loud and obnoxious, emit boring tones, and often contain radioactive material. Reference typical bending techniques. When searching the Internet for circuit-bending techniques, you will find people suggesting the use of clip leads or strands of wire to explore the circuit board.

These techniques do work, but they are often too hot—they make too direct a connection and can cause the device to crash, or worse, fry. We prefer moistening our fingers and gently exploring the circuit board. Remember: only circuit bend battery-powered devices that use 9 volts or less! It also puts you in direct contact with the circuit, making you part of the circuit for a moment—which we think is pretty neat. Using this technique, we have seen circuit benders find a bend in a matter of seconds.

Reference types of bends. This bend scrambles the integrated circuit, resulting in random garbled noises. This bend is a type of glitch, and it generates random, yet musical, sound.

Recordable Greeting Card

Body Contacts. This type of bend uses the human body as a variable resistor in a circuit. Reference circuit bend audio-greeting-card circuit diagram. To view a detailed version of this circuit diagram, please download the pdf above.

Blank Musical Greeting Card – 5 x 7

Reference circuit bend audio-greeting-card circuit schematic. Reference glossary. An unplanned connection between two or more points on an existing circuit that results in unpredictable behaviour. Clip lead. A pliable length of insulated wire with an alligator clip attached to each end. A planned connection between two or more points on an existing circuit that results in a pre-known, predictable result. A soldering method that prepares all parts that are to be joined by covering each part with a small amount of solder.

Schematics and diagrams by: Roth Mobot.

For more information Contact Now. The recordable voice modules are enclosed in plain greeting cards that plays customer's audio message, whenever the card is opened. The card is designed such that customers can express their feelings in many ways.

How To Hack An Audio Greeting Card

The card can be customized not just with the audio but also with photos, drawings, visual messages of customer's choice. Get Best Quote. The recordable voice modules are enclosed in packets that can be easily attached to any greeting card. Whenever the greeting card is opened, the voice packet also will be opened and the audio message will be played.

Recordable Voice Packets enable customers to add their voice message to any Greeting card of their choice. Where it can be used? Product promotions 3.

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