How to find out why someone got arrested

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  1. Being arrested
  2. Jail and Custody Related Questions

Being arrested

In addition, records concerning juveniles are not available to the public. This sometimes makes it very hard to learn how to find out if someone has been arrested , because the arrest may not have resulted in a conviction.

Some records even have expiration dates and are unavailable after that point. This is mostly used in the case of misdemeanors. Even if charges were brought and a conviction made, you might not get accurate information. To begin with, you need to know in which specific court to look in.

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To add to the confusion, names are commonly misspelled or changed. This gives some people a bad feeling and has some people wondering how do I find out if someone has a warrant out for their arrest or if a person is really a criminal or not.

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Another common problem is that people can have similar names or even dates of birth as a criminal. In this case you should also do a mugshot search of criminals to make sure its the correct person. Is there a telephone number I can call to find out if someone is in jail? The public can call , 24 hours a day to find out if a person is in custody.

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How many visits can an arrestee have? Arrestees may have one visit a day by a friend or family member during established visiting hours. An attorney, bail bondsperson, or member of the clergy may visit anytime. What are the locations and telephone numbers of the Los Angeles Police Department's jails?

Jail and Custody Related Questions

The Los Angeles Police Department operates 10 jail facilities citywide. The locations are as follows:. Links to websites outside of lapdonline.