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  1. 12222 Search Market Share: 5 Hard Truths About Today’s Market
  2. 1. Google doesn’t lead search engine market share, it dominates
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Most sources reported year-over-year increases in use by respondents. Search engines in particular showed a gain of 2 percentage points from The survey also found search engines lead other sources when it comes to consumer trust and accuracy. In fact, the percentage of US internet users who agreed with this sentiment increased dramatically from to Search engines only fell short when respondents were asked about their favored source when ready to make a purchase.

Overall, it appears that local marketing practitioners in North America are in step with this consumer behavior. As programmatic advertising matures, buyers and sellers no longer see it merely as a means of automating processes, but rather as an advanced method of controlling ad campaigns—and better targeting the audiences that come with them.

12222 Search Market Share: 5 Hard Truths About Today’s Market

Preview Report. Not a PRO subscriber? Find out how to become one. March 12, February 11, September 5, August 20, August 7, August 5, October 2, July 17, July 11, June 11, There are not many people out there who consider themselves experts on the topic of SEO. In order to help you get a step closer to becoming one, below we collected some SEO statistics to help you understand and apply SEO in Organic results are the main drive for ecommerce success and not only.

The main goal of SEO is to increase the traffic of the website or a web page, and the most commonly used method to achieve this goal is by ensuring the texts published on the website include commonly searched terms or keywords. SEO has become a necessary skill for everyone working online, especially for writers and publishers. Even those who are looking to advertise online need more than a basic grasp of the skill.

Most Popular Websites 1996 - 2019

Google is the largest playground for SEO specialists. It dominates the global search market and dictates the rules of engagement.

1. Google doesn’t lead search engine market share, it dominates

Google is definitely the most popular search engine in the world, with Baidu , the most popular search engine in China, has a global market share of Searching using Google is even more prominent among smartphone users, mobile SEO stats show. A few percents of participation and just over , people use the official Bing search app. Just how much of an advantage it is to get your website ranked organically rather than pay Google to stick your page at the top of the results with the Sponsored mark is best shown by the fact that most of the sponsored search results are ignored by users.

Google experienced an outage in The outage lasted for less than five minutes, but its impact was significant.

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Ranking your page high on the list of relevance for a particular search term can prove to be more important and useful than any form of advertising. Remember that some users also find the aesthetic appearance relevant and some of them will probably click through more results in order to find one that visually appeals to them. Even though we consider social media to be the main driving force behind everything that happens online, search engines have them beaten in one category:. Internet search statistics can sometimes demonstrate just how inefficient we are at googling.

Those dealing with SEO need to take this into account, no matter how infuriated they might feel about it.

The average word count for the pages listed among the first 10 search results for any given keyword is above 2, In addition, content with over 1, words is more likely to receive more shares and links than shorter content. Up to a fifth of all Google searches have never been conducted before. Local searches happen daily. They can be used to find directions to local stores, as well as their business hours and inventory.

As such, optimizing for local searches becomes an intrinsic part of many m-commerce marketing efforts. This piece of data refers to smartphone users.

50 SEO Statistics You Need for -

The advantage of optimizing your page for local searches is clear. Some SEO stats should come as no surprise. Users declare that they find ads that refer to their city, ZIP code, or close neighborhood much more useful and compelling. More than half of all smartphone users reported discovering a new business or a product while searching online for something else, SEO stats show.

Click through rates (CTR) for PPC per Industries

Websites that are optimized for mobile use , in both SEO and compatibility sense, are far more likely to gain new visitors that happen upon the website on accident. Optimizing their page for local searches is probably the best strategic move for small businesses that depend on in-store purchases. The importance of optimizing business websites accordingly cannot be overstated. This swing in favor of online advertising was noted a while ago, and all SEO statistics have been taking it into account for a few years as a major point in favor of SEO implementation.

As mentioned before, users most commonly search for store location. However, Christmas Day is the time when store hours are the most searched items. Having this info displayed is a must for every business, especially on days when people need to buy presents for family members they completely forgot about.

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  6. Customers take negative reviews very seriously, and even one can impact the business negatively. Services such as Yelp are a common source of this type of information, and they often offer to remove negative reviews for a fee. Avoiding negative reviews is, of course, much better, but as a last resort some business owners will gladly take the deal Yelp is offering. Blogging has been the preferred method of marketing for nearly two decades now, and this info shows that it is not about to slow down.

    The importance of mobile devices cannot be stressed enough. They already play a major role in the online show, and their significance is expected to grow over time. SEO is a blend of science and art.

    As people learn more about SEO, its effectiveness will keep climbing. Bloggers can generate more organic traffic by simply updating their old posts with SEO-friendly content and new images. Social networks follow logic of their own but optimizing your social media content for search engines is never a bad idea. In order to increase the odds of Google showing their video as one of the top responses to a keyword search, YouTubers should start adding meaningful text descriptions to their videos.